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Gawin Nating Pasyalan ang Ilog Pasig Design Competition

Promotional Campaign & Creative Collaterals

Status: Done | Project under ASAPHIL-UP and Society for the Conservation of Philippine Wetlands (SCPW)

"Gawin Nating Pasyalan and Ilog Pasig" (indirect: 'Let's Transform the Pasig River into a Promenade/Destination') was the 2013 installment of ASAPHIL-UP and the SCPW's quadrennial-collaboration wetlands design competition. Aligned with the organization's environmental advocacy, it was important to communicate a positive, proactive image of the Pasig River, which had undergone years of ecological deterioration and pollution. The end-goal was to generate interest in the ecological issues of the Pasig River, solutions, their advocates, and the innovative design proposals put forth in the competition aimed at restoring the beauty of our urban wetlands as a prime destination within the capital.

Creative materials were developed and produced in coordination with both ASAPHIL-UP, and the SCPW for deployment in social media platforms and the events throughout the competition which included promotional and educational tours, symposia, and lectures. I compiled these into the post-event video below:

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