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Status: Concept Done

This project envisions the redeveloped quarter of Arroceros in the city of Manila. The Arroceros Forest Park, one of the last remaining historic green spaces in the metropolis is reintegrated, along with the Pasig River, to urban life in a master development plan that seeks to revive the quarter. The Forest Center stands as the gateway, and landmark to the forest park, hosting a livelihood training center as well as venues for the community - its presence a reassertion of the importance and economic relevance of urban revival in Manila.

Its length stretches from the front access road to the Pasig River at its back - the ensuing long sprawling development frames and complements, rather than dominates the surrounding parkscape and tree line. Flanked by trees and pedestrian pathways, vegetation is allowed to penetrate into the site, and onto the building green walls. The interior spaces have open views to the outside that frame its natural surroundings, while horizontal louvers feature as shading elements from the sun.

A split structure transversed by a corridor to the forest park is divided into the public institutional wing for the administration, and a livelihood center wing containing leasable office spaces and workshops.

The corridor to the Arroceros Forest Park served as the basis for the master development plan which took into account the redevelopment opportunities of the existing urban fabric and the Pasig River.

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