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Status: Done and Limited-access Under UP Diliman Library | Advisers: Professor Dan Silvestre; Armin Sarthou

Awarded Best Architecture Thesis/ 1st Place Gawad Philip Recto

The Maker Hub: Creative Industry Incubator proposes an integrated architecture to support the processes of human social interaction, business development, technological innovation, and community entrepreneurship for the development of the latent potential of the Philippine creative industry as a key component of an economy driven by innovative ideas, intellectual property and creative production. This thesis is the product of a year-long endeavor to translate various concepts and theories into a design proposal to empower the Filipino community with an ecosystem where they can realize their creative and entrepreneurial potential, particularly within the sectors of the Arts, Media and Functional Creations.

This thesis explores the architectural design translation for collaborative inter-organizational innovation and business among co-located creative industry actors. The final CBD office-tower development integrates vertically a creative industry innovation and incubation “campus” outfitted with various venues, workplaces and facilities for creative work and business along a supporting structural and systems spine. As such, issues, development challenges and design problems relating to facilities operation, creative work & space, collaboration and vertical architecture are at the core of this study and design proposal.

The Maker Hub project was approached with the rigors of research and design with the intent to extensively detail and document the proposed creative industry incubator: its economic and social premise; its relation to site context; its design developmen; its architectural systems; and its final rendering and representation.

A theoretical design thesis approached as a real project to the best of the sole designer's current ability.

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