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Status: Submitted | Teammates: Go, Sharmaine; Co, Terence; Ong, Timothy; Reyes, Marty

Submitted to the International Tropical Architecture Design Competition 2014

RISE was our team's submitted design to the ITAD design competition centered around the theme of "Our Urban Green Home". As a mixed-use urban development the limited lot of land was maximized to provide venues for residential, communal, and commercial activities wherein the private residential block was elevated above the public shared spaces below where shop spaces, small offices and an integrated transport terminal are located within walkable distance of the local district.  As flooding has become an increasing issue in the metropolis as of late, the elevated design was akin to approach of traditional housing prototypes that were able to respond to the context. Additionally, residential units were to also allow for layouts to flexibly accommodate households of different sizes, and demographics with flexible interior partitions.

The development was to be designed for the urban tropical climate utilizing: an insulating layer of sunshading devices and vegetation; and natural ventilation strategies with atria and open courtyards. Integrated programs for rainwater collection & reuse, solar power generation, and waste management were to enable residents to live sustainably and reduce ecological impact. Attention was given to the sustainable sourcing of materials and local tropical flora in the development.

Seen Below: Areas of the Development

To Right: Design Section

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