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Status: Concept Done

The Riverfront Center sits alongside the Pasig River as part of the conceptual redevelopment of the Arroceros district. Complementing the Forest Center, the Riverfront center is central to the master-planned vision to reconnect urban life and economy to the city's natural features and waterways, which have been pushed aside in the urban agenda.

The proposed Riverfront Center revisits the Pasig River as the stage for new urbanism - a place for daily work, leisure, and economic activity for pedestrians and the community that shall serve as the model for like developments elsewhere in the city.

Showing the general blocking of the Forest Center (previous) and the Riverfront Center on the existing site prior to the redevelopment of the Arroceros quarter.

Rough programm massing developed into the final (upper) iteration, mixing volumes of commercial and office spaces, that allowed for the clear passage of pedestrians through the riverfront center to the Pasig River.

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