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Status: Done and Submitted to the Skyhive 2019 Skyscraper Challenge Design Competition; Results Pending

The following four boards were accomplished as a solo project from start to finish over the course of several months and is included in this portfolio as a prime, “maximum case” scenario showcasing the breadth and depth of my skill and technical grasp of Architecture in an extensively detailed conceptual design for a mixed-use office skyscraper. From concept, to planning, to the  execution of smaller, integral details,  the boards speak of a design translated from an initial concept & program, to a detailed proposal communicated to the intended audience through visual and textual storytelling. This is an example of architecture of broader strokes, yet it is one filled with finer details which enable its pieces to fit and function together in its totality.

Apparent is the driving ethos behind the design - proposing a new social and architectural paradigm for office high-rises and how they fit into our cities and daily urban life. A research-based, user-centric approach led to the design, having been informed by my undergraduate thesis, which is similar, albeit smaller in scope. 

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