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Images sourced from official workshop publication + Dezeen


Status: Pavilion Constructed & Dismantled | 2015 Instructors March. José Ramón Tramoyeres Rovira (GGLab)

March. Gerard Joson (UP); Roberto Argüelles (GGlab)

The Hybrids Program is a workshop program in the UP College of Architecture, first established with the aid of GGLab, to introduce the field of parametric design & modeling into the college. As part of the pioneering batch of the program in 2015, the workshop engaged us in all stages of the production of the bridge pavilion: from conceptualization, design iteration, refinement up until construction and installation - bridging the theoretical potential of parametricism with an actual hands-on case work.

The rattan pavilion was integrated into the existing UP College of Architecture Bridge. It was modeled using a parametric script that generated geometries controlled by a simulation of catenary arc behaviour. From a multitude of iterations from the workshop participants, a final design was chosen from which manual fabrication of components was based upon. The workshop then served as the foundation for further self-study, and the development of parametric design curriculum in the college.

Images sourced from official workshop publication + Dezeen


Status: Installation Constructed & Dismantled; 2016 Instructors: Gerard Joson & Johannes Chua (UP)

Accomplished as a collaboration between the UP College of Architecture and GGLab

For the second run of the Hybrids Program, the participants of the previous batch were asked to co-facilitate the workshop, to further develop its introduction to the students and the curriculum.

I volunteered as a student instructor to share my knowledge of Parametric Design using Rhinoceros 3D and the Grasshopper plugin with a crash course demonstrating the basics of the software, and the use of the parametric waffling script to be used to generate the final design and fabrication plans. The students, with the help and guidance of the facilitators, were able to create a multitude of designs before deciding on a final design for a waffled sculpture to be suspended in the college atrium.

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