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Concept Development and Execution C. 2014

Status: Done | Partner: Miguel Mercado | Project under AIESEC UPD

Project revolved around the promotion, marketing and communications of the AIESEC UP Diliman Global Talent international exchange program (find out more) for the year 2014. The creative concept for the campaign centered around the tagline: "Your Gateway to a World of Professional Development" alluding to the unique internship opportunities for university students in the Philippines to also experience global travel and culture while working for multinational companies and SMEs. The "gateway" theme was used as an easily identifiable motif, and compositional device for the materials.

The campaign was deployed to both social media and strategic physical venues to target university students, and segments of Business Administration, Marketing and Sales, Information Technology, and Engineering. Overall, the creative materials were generated primarily through use of Adobe Photoshop, stock imagery, and the 3D modeling capabilities of Sketchup, to realize the campaign from concept to execution.

An initial concept sketch developed from a creative team session

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